Who are the Donger Brothers?? and are they really 15 inches?

What are their real names, and they couldn’t possibly be 15 inches could they? that’s bigger than Jonah Falcon at 13.5….

anyone know?

7 Answers

  • never heard of them.

  • Donger Brothers

  • They are just porn stars who have a lot of (mostly) masturbation videos on the web. They are well endowed but they aren’t 15 inches. How do I know? The world record largest penis is 13.5 inches and does indeed belong to Jonah Falcon

  • Donger Bros

  • never heard of them,im gonna look them up and see if i can find out any information on them

  • Look At This Photo This is how you know it is fake! It is fake

  • no they are not real

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