who are the 3 actors in the music video of lady hear me tonight-modjo?

song by modjo theres a cute boy in the music video

10 Answers

  • Romain Tranchart and Yann Destagnol

  • Modjo Lady Music Video

  • Yeah, the song is almost 10 years old, I doubt they’ll have any info on the actors in the music video. I can tell you the single was one of the best-selling songs in the UK in 2000.

  • The video was shot here :

    1103 Louis-Cyr Rd

    Saint-Damien, Quebec

    …because I like figuring that kind of stuff out. (notice the house across the road at 0:20 in the official video)

  • woah really ? That’s crazy man. I would have guessed the actors were french… The video was shot in France though, right ?

  • One of the guys is Matthew Gordon


  • The actress is Sarah Jane.

  • The one wearing the long sleeved shirt was me, and my name Is Matt Gordon. I hope I answered this question earlier… :/

  • The place where thery buy the car


  • ok, and who was the girl?

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