Where to get « The Book of Vendergood »?

It was written by William James Sidis said to be the smartest person in the world

It’s about a language he created called Vendergood when he was 8 and i’m wondering if anyone knows where you can get a hold of it and read it because i’m interested in learning a bit.

I keep seeing it mentioned by websites like Wikipedia etc etc but there doesn’t seem to be any actual places you can read it maybe it was destroyed?

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  • Good chance that if it’s ever been published, you’ll find a free and legal copy at one of the free and legal sites listed on this blog: http://best-ereaders.blogspot.com/

    (Sorry I keep repeating « free and legal » but some dope has reported me, thinking these sites are illegal. I think he’s too old to know what’s going on on the Internet 😉

    Edit: Been doing some googling and it doesn’t seem to have been published. 🙁 I even checked under the pseudonym he used, Frank Falupa.

  • That was just a joke that made the sister of William. There is neither coherence nor consistency in her story. Because all we know about Willy is what she said. According to her report, Willy wrote many books and in all them, as if by chance he uses pseudonyms to protect his privacy. What an aim! That is the ideal excuse for not to know more details than those she wants to give us.

    If you get to find the book written in Vendergood I‘ll appreciate very much that you send me a copy in a pdf. document to try to figure it out, it would be fun.

    Poor Willy! With such an overwhelming intelligence and an amazing culture, he was not able to give to his language a more elegant name. « Vendergood » What is that name? Come on!

    His sister has left us more cultural traces with her fantastic story about Willy than Willy himself with all his prodigious wisdom.

  • If you need to understand Spanish and you want to learn it from the greatest then you should pick a course

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