What’s the joke in Sidney Applebaum?

I don’t get the joke « Jewish dracula Sidney Applebaum ». Can someone explain?

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  • Its based off a line from the old woody allen comedy « Love and Death » where a french general is talking about how his victory will cause the whole world to remember his name « sidney applebaum. » Its just one of those wonderful nonsequitors that make Allen’s movies great.

    As for Stefan, Bill Hader only knows a chunk of the script going into it, and the rest is a surprise (as seen by his frequent chuckle breaks.) As a comedian, undoubtedly this would have struck him as hilarious, and as for the audience, they are just laughing either because some of them know the movie line and they get it or because they know they are supposed to

  • Sidney Applebaum

  • Yes it’s a Woody Allen throwback, but more than that, the joke is that Blacula is a play on words, and setting the audience up for a jewish version of that and then completely turning it on it’s head with the name Sidney Applebaum is really the beauty of it. How can it not be?

    Also John Mulaney’s description of how they do Stefon jokes so last minute is amazing. I would LOVE to have seen one of them live in studio.

  • But you really don’t need to know the connection to the Woody Allen movie to get it. In a way, they’re ripping off the Woody Allen joke more than connecting to it. One way or another, it is just fantastically funny, so funny Hader can’t keep it together.

  • A black vampire was called « Blacula » because ‘black’ rhymed with ‘Drac’ and because it sounded cool in 1972. A Jewish vampire was called « Sidney Applebaum » on SNL in 2013 because Jews are lovingly mocked as unassuming and decidedly uncool–even if the one in question is a Prince of Darkness. Giving a bloodthirsty supernatural being an ordinary Jewish name is so unexpectedly funny that Bill Hader was unable to contain himself. This scene from the 1980 comedy classic « Airplane! » also pokes fun at Jewish culture’s perceived lack of coolness and physical prowess:


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  • Eric is right. But I laughed too because there’s all this build up to a totally ordinary name. That is in itself a non-sequitur.

  • It s a classic misdirection joke, made funnier by Bill Hader s apparent surprise that he s doing this shtick.

  • I thought he was trying to pass it off as ‘send me up the bum.’ Am I wrong?

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    LOL! good one. I’ll have to share that with my friends. 😉

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