what is Cummul ??

Some friends bring me it from Talyland. Is a spice from 7 in a box but I don’t Know what is

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  • To the best of my knowledge there’s no such spice as « cummul. » Are you sure you spelled it correctly? The only spice I can think of that comes close to your spelling is « cumin » which is common in Indian and mexican quisine.

    Also, there’s no such place as « Talyland, » either. Are you sure you’re not referring to Thailand?

  • Yes, I think it is Cumin, sometimes when you buy spices from another country, the spelling is weird, but then would we be able to write it in their language – I wouldn’t !!!

    Cumin can be in the form of seeds or powder and has a slightly bitter, warm flavour.

    Try ground Cumin added to tangy lime or lemon based marinades for chicken, turkey, lamb, and pork. Or, add Cumin to chili, spicy meat stews, barbecue marinades, and sauces.

    You won’t make any mistakes with it, so experiment.

  • A pungent spice commonly used in Mexican dishes. Available in seed and ground form. Has a nutty flavor and aroma. Used in dishes such as chili and tamales.

    I really believe you mean cumin…

  • I believe you mean Cummin. It’s a wonderful spice; light beige in colour.

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