What is a headscissor ?

me and my girlfriend were jokingly fighting when she said

oh your lucky i wont put u in a headscissor

what ?

8 Answers

  • An axe like kick to the back of your head

  • Headscissoring

  • LOL you are lucky no offense but hey its ok, I mean there is alot of names for it now these days cause everyone has their own addition to the move, however, the regular move was invented as the « Scissor Take-down » where the wrestler wraps his/her legs around your head and take you down either by a throw or a hold and you are down on the ground with your head still in between their legs ready to tap out. Other people has changed it over the years like for example: Rey Mysterio uses one for his move to get that opponent down, or to set up for the « 619 » followed by the West-coast Pop

    There you go hope that helps :).

  • U don’t know what a headscissor u need to watch more WWE it not headscissor ir kick scissor or something like that

  • a headscissor is when a women wraps her legs around our neck/head and squeezes. Its pretty hot so u should let her do it to u

  • Heres a actual Video of Head scissor:


    (thats the real one)

  • Like what Booker T does. His finisher

  • your girl mean scissorkick you kick there head like a scissor

    here a video


    or do you mean

    where you spin or there head

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