What does « mada mada » mean in japanese?

I would love to know.

i heard it in a song. it had english mixed to it: mada mada turn of the lights. …

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  • that’s not good enough.

    still leave many things to be desired.

    still have a long way to go.

    you’re talking about ryoma??


    oh, ok.

    mada mada = mada = yet, not yet, as yet, still…etc.

  • Mada Japanese

  • Mada Mada

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    What does "mada mada" mean in japanese?

    I would love to know.

  • mada mada = still not /not yet/much more…

    the meaning also depend on the context :


    A:anata wa nihongo ga jouzu desu ne = ur japanese is good.

    B: iie madamada desu = no, still not.

  • Mada suki da yo  » it means I’m still love you »

  • mada mada = not yet

  • still some way to go before goal, still more to come, much more, not yet

    kana: まだまだ

    kanji: 未だ未だ

    but as far as I know, they usually use the kana form only.

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