What does « despatch from sorting center » mean? (EMS Shipping China)?

This is my first time using EMS from China, and I haven’t recieved an update since it was in despatch.

These are the only updates I’ve recieved so far:

  2010-02-03 17:11:40 TIANJIN Arrival at Sorting Center

  2010-02-03 17:59:00 TIANJIN Despatch from Sorting Center

  2010-02-03 19:00:53 TIANJIN Despatch from Sorting Center

What does despatch from sorting center mean, and how long will it be before I recieve another update?

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  • That is, it’s already sent out from Tianjin City (closeby Beijing), the mail sorting center.

  • Can you help me? My ems said despatch from sorting center and it has been the same message for two days. How long does it take for it to be shipped to houston texas.

    My tracking number is EE934350915CN Thank for any help you can give me. Gina

  • It means that it already left the sorting center and now it is heading to another destination. If your packet says despatch from sorting center and it s in asia, be patient because now it is heading to your country s sorting center.

  • i wait my parcels more than 18 days, the shipping with EMS china. i am still not receive it, please someone help me

  • you will locate extra information in case you place your monitoring style in Canada submit monitoring and same for USPS for the country, the final « dispatch from sorting middle » this is there for a collectively as in all likelihood means it has left china and is on path.

  • « dispatched from sorting center » ?

    (dispatch) to send (someone or something) quickly to a particular place for a particular purpose

    (sort) the act of separating things and putting them in a particular order : plus 1 😉

  • It means that your article is being sent out.

    You’ll receive the next update when your article reaches your destination country. Depending on where you’re sending to, it’ll probably take a few days.

    You may also wish to check the status on your destination country’s postal website.

  • It means the item has reached their collection area or warehouse and is ready to be delivered to the corresponding address. The first one 17:59:00 is ready to be delivered, 19:00:53 is already on the way.

    Usually the next update would be if the receiver signed the receipt form back to EMS.

  • You package is on the way to you.

    Just wait.

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