What do these abbreviations mean HW, SW, CW, GW…?

HW: 146 lbs

SW: 132 lbs

CW: 127.2

GW1: 125 lbs

GW2: 120 lbs

GW3: 115 lbs

UGW: 110 lbs

Disregard the weight but I don’t know what HW..and all those mean. I’m guessing HW means healthy weight.

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  • HW = highest weight

    SW: starting weight

    LW: Lowest weight

    CW= current weight

    GW1- GW3 : (Goal Weight) are 3 mini goals the person set for themselves as small milestones.

    UGW= Undergoal weight ( this is usually under healthy weight, and usually used in eating disorder sites.

    *Not healty by any means if your Body Mass Index is under or over recommended amout for your height.

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  • Weight Abbreviation

  • HW- Highest weight

    SW- ? I think it’s smallest weight.

    CW- Current Weight

    GW1- Goal Weight 1

    GW2- Goal Weight 2

    GW3- Goal Weight 3

    UGW- Ultimate Goal Weight

    It’s used by girls in weight loss blogs to show their progress. HW is not healthy weight.

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