The Office: In Memory of Larry Einhorn?

This was at the end of the latest episode of the office, and I have no idea who this guy is. Can anybody tell me?

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  • Randall Einhorns father died, on April 20th. Randall occasionaly directs episodes of the office.

    Here is the obituary.…

  • Larry Einhorn

  • Larry M Einhorn and Dr. Lawrence H Einhorn are not the same person. Stoney should be ashamed to cite wikipedia as a reference.

    Dr. Lawrance Einhorn is a pretty respected oncologist and you can’t find one obit for him.

    Here is the obit for Larry ( this was cited earlier)…

  • I looked on an extensive credits list for The Office on IMDB and the only thing I could think of is that there is a cinematographer named Randall Einhorn. I’ve even heard some of the cast refer to Randall in some of the commentaries on the DVD’s. My guess is he was Randall’s brother and out of condolences for him they dedicated the episode to him…..

  • Ok thanks everyone, as I scrolled down I became more and more aware that the one true source to check out on anything regarding movies, tv shows and stuff…IMDB it… I saw that a Randall Einhorn directed a whole bunch of episodes….so assuming Larry is his dad…

    Anyways, Jay779 wins the Jackpot

  • I had the same question… the only thing I can find is a Larry Einhorn who pioneered the development of a medical treatment for testicular cancer but I cant find any connections to The Office.

  • From what I saw at the end of the episode, the Director of Photography is his relative, « Randall Einhorn. » He’s also listed as a consultant later in the credits. That’s my best guess at least. >.>

  • One of the directors of The Office is called Randall Einhorn … that’s all I got.


    I type in ‘in memory of larry the office’ and BOOM I’m here. Sh*t is crazy man. So many insane answers. Sh*t just got real.

  • Yes. Dr. Lawrence Einhorn was Randall Einhorn’s father. Randall will direct his fourth episode of this season next week. The late Dr. Einhorn was a professor of medicine at Indiana University. Not only did he treat Lance Armstrong for testicular cancer, but his work in that field increased the survival rate to 95% from 10%.

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