Router default access ip address?

Hi I found a website a while ago but had to reformat so lost my history, the website had a list of routers on it with the default ip addresses to access the router it also had the user name and passwords on it as well e.g.

Router :- Netgear

ip:- 192.3168.1.1

user name:- admin

password:- admin

if anyone knows which website it was or a similar website can you please let me know



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  • Well its very easy to get the default address. Just look at the network IP settings, the « gateway » is the router address.

    Click start, run, type cmd on the « dos » black screen just type ipconfig /all be sure to leave a space between the ipconfig and the /all. Just look for the GATEWAY IP.. that is the router.

    For passwords. Here is a full list.…

    Which points out the reason that you should CHANGE it when setting up the router.

    If you do a quick search for « Default IP and Usernames » there are tons of resources for you.

  • As a last resort – if you grab a toothpick or something small and pointy – there is a button on the back of the unit that will reset the configuration if you hold it in (I think for 30 seconds, but I would just hold it in there for awhile just to be safe). That will reset you to your factory default settings and the default gateway will be, and the default username and password (if you don’t remember it, there are lists of default usernames and passwords on the web).

  • there are many sites like that.

    to find the IP, I would recommend using a simple port scanner, as its quicker, and would mean you find it even when the router doesn’t have default settings, also when you connect to the router you can right click on the connection and go to status then support and its there as gateway.

    -just passwords

    -just passwords…

    -user freindly simple port scanner

  • 192.3168.1.1

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