Rammstein in the movie Matrix?

I have been told that in the movie Matrix there is a scene where it plays the song « Du Hast » but I don’t remember ever hearing that song in the movie, so if you could tell in which scene that was I would be grateful.

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  • The scene where Neo meets Trinity in the club is introduced with a remix of Rob Zombie’s song « Dragula » and then progresses into « Mindfields » by Prodigy. « Du Hast » by Rammstein was not used in the movie itself but it might have been included later in the credits after « Wake Up » by Rage Against The Machine and « Rock is Dead » by Marilyn Manson.

  • I think it was in the second movie,it was when neo walked through the club or what ever it is but neo and the chick go upstairs to fornicate and it is not Du Hast but it did sounds allot like it could have been Rammstein singing. I am about 89 % sure my answer is correct.

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    The song is not in the actual movie, However, it is played during the rolling credits at the end after a Rage Against the Machine song is played.

  • Well, its the same part Dallas said, but I have been told that it isnt them but it is the rhythm being played by the drums, or something like that… lol ive been waiting for it to play on TV so I could see for myself

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