My older sister has big boobs..will I get them too?

Okay so my older sister has really big boobs..I have tiny boobs..she got her period in grade 6, I just got mine today and I’m 14. She’s a bit overweight and I’m really skinny. My Mom’s about regular weight, average sized. I’m also really tall. Will I become like my sister/mom ? I don’t want HUGE boobs but I don’t even wear a bra yet and I JUST got my period …

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  • I had a classmate in high school who had the biggest pair in our batch. Her sister, four years younger was the flattest in hers. When we graduated from college, her sister suddenly caught up and overtook her with a better matching figure.

    Ok, so now we have two pairs to stare at. Great!

  • Honestly, you can’t really tell. My mom is underweight, and has 34Cs. I am right at the normal BMI weight, and I have 34Bs. My sister is a little more chubby than I and she has 34Cs. I’m the tallest out of all of us, and I have the tiniest boobs. And I got my period when I was 13.

  • wow your 14 and you don’t have a bra yet????now there’s something odd about that…i started wearing bra’s in the middle of sixth grade and i don’t even know my bra boobs are average…to me but, give it some time.

  • not necessarily. my sister is an A cup and I’m an F cup.

  • wowowwowowow thats sadddd

    worried about big boobs

    why would yu careee

  • You don’t need big boobs to be beautiful….

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