More video titles like: 2 girls one cup;1 man 1 jar, 3 guys 1 hammer, etc.?

or like pain olympics, 2 girls 1 finger, 1 man 1 horse, and yeah.. lol

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  • I know alot of them just about everyone, not because I watch them, I try to stay away from them at all costs but Alot of my friends tell me about them and post their reactions to them…I’ll name some for you though

    1 man 1 screwdriver

    1 man 1 jar

    1 man 1 stump

    2 kids in a sandbox (DOESNT actually involve kids or a sandbox)

    3 guys 1 hammer (actual murder video, I say stay away from this one)

    4 girls fingerpaint

    2 girls 1 finger

    4 girls 1 toothbrush

    8 girls no cup

    1 guy 2 needle

    1 guy 2 spoons

    2 guys 1 hole

    1 girl 1 pitcher

    1 priest 1 nun AKA chruch of fudge

    2 girls 1 cracker




  • 1 Man 1 Screwdriver Actual Video

  • is 3 guys one hammer is what I think it is? if so that is worse. if it’s anything else then 2 girls 1 cup is worse. i also didn’t watch past the beginning of 2 girls 1 cup. i’m really grossed out by vomiting and i knew it was coming so i clicked away, shortly after the one girl pooped in the glass and it filled it up like ice cream

  • Just go on google and search LOLshock

    You sick sick person :L

  • …What?

    Lol I know. 2 fists 1 face :@

  • shake that bear? Idk go on theync or efukt and sift through

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