MATHS PROBLEM: what is (x²)²?

MATH: what is (x²)²? i.e. what is (x squared) squared?

7 Answers

  • (x * x) * (x * x)

  • x^4

  • That is x^4.




    When solving for an exponent to the power of an exponent, multiple the two exponents.

  • (x²)² is the same as writing


    and it literally means, x² multiplied by itself

    we know that you add the powers together when multiplying exponents, so you get x^4.

    similarly, if you wanted to know what (x²)³ was

    you would just do

    x²*x²*x² = x^6

    as this would mean x² multiplied by itself twice

  • laws of indices: (x^a)^b = x^(ab)

    therefore (x^2)^2 = x^(2*2) = x^4

  • (x²)² = x⁴

  • (x²)² = x² * x² = x⁴

    (X^a)^b = X^(a * b)

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