japanese!!! what does ‘gambate’ mean???

is there such a word? whats it means?

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  • Cyn is right, Hanayori is wrong.

    You CAN spell it with an « m » instead of an « n », but usually in Japanese if it’s written in roman letters (the alphabet), an « n » is used.

    It has a multitude of meanings, and is basically used to tell someone to keep going despite the difficulties.

    You could tell an athlete to gabatte or ganbare as they’re running their last leg of a marathon.

    You could tell a student who’s studying for an exam to do the same.

    You could tell a contestant in a game show to do the same.

    Stuff life that.

  • Gambatte = « Hang on in there »

    It’s a word used to encourage someone who faces a challenge. You can say it to someone who is going to take an exam (so the natural thing for an English speaker to say in this context might be « good luck ») or someone who is in the middle of a hard job. (And an English speaker might say « Keep trying »).

    The same word can be used in a more aggressive way —

    « Gambare! »

    This has more of a « fighting » sense. You would commonly hear this being shouted to a sportsman who is trying his utmost to put out his best performance.

  • ♡It means lots of encouraging things like:

    « Do your best! »

    « Go for it! »

    « Hang in there! »

    « Keep at it! »….

    I live in Japan and hear this just about every single day!

    Nice thing to say and hear!

    Ganbatte ne!

    Hope that helps!♡

  • The spelling is not gambate but ganbatte…

    It means do your best or good luck!

    Ganbatte is one of the most frequently word used by the Japanese…

    Yosh!! Ganbarimasu yo!!

  • Ganbatte! means « Do your best ».

  • Go for it!

    Usually, people say Gambatte Kudasai, which kinda means please go for it/do your best/you can do it.

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