is there a silencer that will fit my tf11 airsoft gun?

Hi, i want a airsoft silencer that will fit my tf11 airsoft gun.

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  • It depends on how big the threads are, and which way they are (CW or CCW). most guns are 14mm CCW threaded, so any mock silencer that matches that (14mm CCW). If you aren’t sure what yours is, take off the flash hider and then you will see.

  • Haha, wow thats pretty funny. A silencer for an airsoft gun?! Yeesh, you realize an airsoft gun makes a sound on the scale of a pen hitting the floor from maybe five feet up. Silencers are for real guns which use controlled explosions to direct metal projectiles at high velocities and high accuracies, in the process creating very loud bangs. Airsoft guns either use compressed air (a soft « whoosh »), spring loaded mechanisms (a gentle « click »), or electric firing engines (a quiet « ta-ta-ta ») A silencer is the last thing you need for your airsoft gun, trust me. Lol, well, excuse our ignorance, O Supreme Lord of Little Children Chasing Each Other And Shooting Small Plastic Pellets, but if you want a silencer for « aesthetics, » then why on earth would you spend money buying a brand name product who’s definition is « silencing » the report of a gun, yet does not do that at all. Just spray paint a cardboard tube black and tape it to your plastic gun and shoot your 5-yr old buddies with that. Honestly.

  • lmao thats jus retarted but its b cool tho

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