Is there a shoujo manga with romance and yakuza guy?

pleasee..I want to know,or some shoujo manga with romance and ghost boy will be okay too ^^

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  • this isn’t really a Shoujo Manga, its a Josei Manga actually focused on a female teacher nick-named Yankumi that assigned to be home-room teacher to a class full of deliquent boys. what they don’t know is that she is the heir to a very influential Yakuza clan. she tried her best not be discovered but one of her students seems not that bad, he discovered who she is and begin to care for her. one hilarious story with some romance spices.


    I haven’t seen any romance of a girl with a ghost boy, so sorry I can’t recommend anything for that.

    + emo

  • I don’t know if you still get this but..

    Chunqing yatou huolala

    Nobara no hanayome

    Both are shoujo with yakuza, I didn’t encounter one with a ghost, the first that is mentioned is a Chinese, korean or Taiwan manwa, manhua or how it is called and is Read from left to Right.

    Also wild ones is really Nice but that one was already mentioned so maybe you have already Red it


    Btw I’m sorry about my english i’m not great at it

  • Hello Anja,

    heres a list you MUST try 🙂

    Love Attack – not exactly yakuza but a fighter guy and a girl who as to stop him from getting into fights or getting expelled (hilarious). try it out – worth it.


    Katekyo hitman reborn (MUST)

    tokyo crazy paradise (MUST)

    red lion

    Fushigi yugi (MUST)

    Banana fish


    yankee-kun to


    oresama teacher

    wild ones


    angel sanctuary

    wild act

    Dengeki Daisy

    Hope you enjoy my list and have a fab time reading


  • wild ones

    its kinda different because the girl is a daughter of the head of yakuza and the guy is caretaker of her and also live with them.

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