is there a season 2 of yosuga no sora?

does any one no if there is going to be a season 2 of yosuga no sora and does sora ever have baby i no the last episode you see them at the end on a train and that’s it what happens to them?

5 Answers

  • There will be no « Yosuga no Sora » Season 2. Even though I liked the animé, I’m just stating the facts. Whatever happens to them next, it’s up to your imagination and creativity to decide…

  • Yosuga No Sora Season 2

  • no because if there would be a second season the first season has to be up to 24 sorry was a good anime


  • No there wont. That anime was horible the guy or girl who made is stupid one. One there baby would be ugly the only incest anime i lik is kiss x siss there not realates by blood

  • nc anime. but the ending gives me creeps. having sudden death chills

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