Is down again? I’m getting some christianity message..?

it was completely down for a week or something and now it has some weird message when you try to access it, some warning that jesus is coming to town in 2016 or sth… :*( i miss that site…

4 Answers

  • Yeah, last year was they were hacked probably by the same asshole, same christian crap.

  • It’s happened twice before. May of 2011 and May of 2012. Always Christianity based text put on the site, but not for this long so far. Same asshole, most likely. Admin has always been reclusive, so news is few and far between.

  • and the best part is that the same bible that this mutterficker uses says that a human cannot calculate the date of the return of jesus, and that only god (not even jesus himself), knows the date. someone please find the mutterficker who wrote that and spam him with penis growth e-mails!!!

  • I’m getting the same crap.

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