Is Dasvidania the correct way to say goodbye in Russian?

I’ve been trying to learn how to say goodbye in every language. I got hung up on Russian. Is Dasvidania the proper way to say goodbye?

Also any other goodbyes that I don’t know would be appreciated.

(I know Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Chinese)

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  • Goodbye! (polite)

    In Russian: до свидания!

    In German: auf Wiedersehen!

    In Italian: Arrivederci! Arrivederla!

    In French: Au revoir!

    In Spanish: Adiós! Hasta la vista! Que usted siga bien! Hasta luego!

    In Dutch: Tot weerziens! Tot ziens!

    In Turkish: Allahaismarladik!

    In Polish: Pożegnanie!

    £t in Portuguese: Adeus!

  • That is correct. « до свидания » or « Poka », means goodbye/bye, Translators are good for one or two word sentences, but not good for learning the language in general. You really need to talk with a native Russian speaker to learn the language correctly. Anything else?

  • Да, that’s the formal/polite way of saying goodbye. This is the default in most instances – with teachers, colleagues, new acquaintances, elders, etc.

    You can also use пока (stress on the a) when talking with children, good friends, and the like.

  • It’s « till we meet again », I believe. Yes. It’s a salutation like goodbye.

  • It is dosvidan’ya and poka.

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