I got tricked to search lolita on imagefap.com. Is it a hoax or should i be scared?

I was on 4chan and it said something about searching lolita on imagefap.com and it came up with this « we got your ip and you might go to jail stuff » Should i be worried?

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  • Ahahaha, they got you good.

    « lolita » basically implies CP (child pornography).

    Don’t worry dude, if you don’t have CP on your computer, then the most the Feddies will do is log your IP and check back every so often to see if you DID access any sites that have CP. You have nothing to be worried about (unless you do have CP).

    >implying websites have CP

  • 4chan, well, that figures. Mess about on these stupid troll sites and you’re going to get some sort of trouble, that’s what 4chan and those garbage sites are about.

  • thats crazy if you onistly didnt know what it was then de bout it if they contact you its not your fault okay just explain to them the situation an if they dont get it better hire urself a lawyer :-0

  • its a trick don’t. let people fool you cause soon it’ll. be April fools.

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