how to run pcsx2 in full screen in windows 7?

i am a windows 7 user and i am also a PCSX2 gamer. i don’t know what is to be done in order to make the GS window in full screen. I get to play my pcsx2 games only in windowed screen. Maximizing only increases the window size but doesn’t cover the whole computer screen like other pc games like IGI or Halo do. What settings should I do for full screen? Is there any interference of Windows 7 in preventing it from becoming full screen? Does it only be full screen in win xp? Some settings like aspect ratio which I had set to « Fit to Window/Screen » option didn’t help it to be full screen. What should I do? Please suggest some ways to make it fullscreen if it is possible on win 7 32 bit.

but I use pcsx2 v0.9.7

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  • its simple bro…

    follow the following steps :

    1) open pcsx2

    2) goto CONFIG tab


    4) goto GS WINDOW TAB

    5)you’ll see aspect ratio there..clk on out & chg it to FIT TO WINDOW/SCREEN

    5) click apply & then ok

    i myself have pcsx2 running on win 7 & get full screen by above

    ur done..boot ur disc & enjoy full screen gaming..

    i use pcsx2 v 1.1 r5963 ..if it doesn’t help ..change ur gs plugin & tick on NATIVE RESOLUTION ..this might also help.. u can further run pcsx2 in compatibility mode for xp ..

    instead of FIT TO WINDOW/SCREEN u can try 16:9 or the largest given ratio…. if u still r having trouble..get newer version of pcsx2 1.2 r5700 etc.


  • There’s actually several ways to make your game running on full screen mode for all Windows version.

    Just go to your pcsx2 > Config > Emulation Settings > GS Windows > Aspect Ratio set it to « Widescreen (16:9) > and TICK « double-click toggles full screen mode », now return to your game, while on windows mode, double click your MOUSE (important), you will definitely be in full screen mode this way.

    Another method is just go to GS Windows again > TICK « Default to full screen mode on open », now close your pcsx2, re-open your pcsx2 and load your game, pcsx2 will now automatically switch to full screen mode after you load your game.

    Good luck and happy gaming!

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  • I dink its d emulators. They also did it 2 my comp I uninstalled d emulators and den it worked 5n

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