does d. gray man have episode 104?

just finished watching the 2 seasoned series of d. gray man. it seems to be incomplete. i know that most anime programs will depend on the manga if the series is unfinished but i just want to confirm if there will still be a continuation. the noah hasn’t even been defeated and so is the millenium earl and the summary they showed at the ending is too short. i know that most anime programs are like this but they already started the anime and i think they should finish what they started. to the fact that there are thousands maybe millions of fans in d. gray man, i hope that they wouldn’t waste our time by waiting for nothing. that’s why i want to confirm if there will be a continuation regarding this anime. there really an episode 104 of d. gray man?

2 Answers

  • ^.^ Well, one of my friends read somewhere that the mangaka was making both the manga and anime at the same time so somehow the anime was almost getting past the manga so she ended up stopping the anime and finishing off the manga. Also … she broke several of her bones… somewhere in the past few years causing her to take a break *sigh* (poor her)

    I really hope the rest of the anime comes out too…

    Hope this helps! ^_^

  • there isnt YET! at least we hope.

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