A Place To Download Songs For My Mp3 Free And Legally?

I’m getting a new mp3 player in a few weeks, and I remember seeing a site in WWE Magazine that has free legal music downloads for your mp3 player. What is a free website where you can download songs for an mp3 player free, and legally?

7 Answers

  • Downloading music for free is illegal and you will more than likely get a load of viruses from which ever site you use.

    If you want a legal music download site, try www.mp3obsession.com

  • Check out:

    Internet Archive


    Creative Commons



    Dan’s Free Songs


  • here

    Free mp3 downloaders without P2P connection. Directly downloading from HTTP source, converts youtube music videos to mp3.




  • I don’t know if you can even buy songs ‘free’ that are legit legal in the US. Because if companies gave songs out for free and didn’t « pay » the artist or company for the song it’s declared stealing money from the maker(s).

  • for legal and free mp3 music downloads go to http://www.jagmp3.com/

  • I came across this cool music site & was able to find the songs that i couldn’t find. Highly recommend it ! www.3nrg.info/mp343

  • iTunes has a free dowload list, you can see from the google gadget.

    Help me please http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200905…

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