A Horse Isle quest question?

Is there a good quest guide for Horse Isle? I end up wondering around the Isles starting a lot of quests and not being able to finish them. Thanks!

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  • There are few good ones. But because Horseisle is a newer game the guides are very limited. Basically the best one is:


    there is also some forums and Q/A’s on the internet. Horseisleguide.tk has a video guide as well so its very useful for the ice sculptures and ant hills

    good luck

  • Horse Isle Ice Sculptures

  • Some of the nicer-paying quests, that don’t require you to have at least 25% of your quest points already completed, are:

    – Candide’s Golden Sheep (talk to Candide on Eldorado Isle)

    – Grey Slate’s Gaudy Crown (talk to Grey Slate in Carrotton)

    – Mrs. Beesdale’s Lost Excellency (talk to Mrs. Beesdale in Treeton Inn)

  • The quest starts off by talking to April May Rain, the Knight of Treeton. She asks you to go to the library just North of her and talk to Barbara Bookbinder about books on armory and heraldry. Barbara sends you to the Crystalton library. Priscilla Printer sends you to Polar Isle to talk to Ted. Ted has flat-out refused to let you borrow the books… unless you bring him a flagon of mead. Maybe the Crystalton general store would know what he means. (Costs you $500.) Then go back to Ted, then go back to April May Rain in Treeton. She needs time to read the books, so try talking to her again a few times. Spike will need first for her shield to be made by an experienced woodworker, and then for it to be painted with her chosen device. Talk to Xamba on Jungle Isle and then get it painted by Pablo on Art Isle. You will need: 5 Ebony Wood 3 Leather Pieces 2 Leather Straps 2 Large Buckles About $5,500. Have fun and good luck! 🙂

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